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It's not just a home, It's an experience

Live, work and play across multiple co-living estates with Hom.

A sustainable Hom, fit for modern living.

Founded in 2019, Hom is a residential real estate platform that offers beautifully designed co-living spaces, in prime locations across Malaysia and soon Southeast Asia. Hom provides flexible co-living for today's urban tribes, where everyone has access to premium services built into a fixed rate. Hom takes care of your logistical needs, so that you can live, work and play surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals. It is urban living made easy through our digital first approach and uncomplex processing.
Building bridges to expand networks
We deliver our promises
Your journey is ours too
We push beyond good

Hom’s housing design provides the perfect balance of privacy and open space elements in each unit with the purpose of creating intentional and functional collaborative zones. We believe in inclusivity, hence each unit consists of private as well as shared rooms catering to individual preference. The decision to include a variety of room options also rooted from our mission to fulfill your needs without compromising the community experience factor. These units are fully furnished, ready to move in worthy, abling our members the freedom, flexibility and comfort of a home without the baggage.

“We aren’t just selling you space, we’re welcoming you Hom”. 

Diversity is our aim and inclusivity is our game, by providing a variety of community engagement activities to stimulate the idea of “togetherness”. Our community defines Hom. We cater to everyone, looking to be part of a fun filled environment with a strong community centred approach, specifically curated to encourage a healthy work and play lifestyle..

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