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Step 1: Find a home you love
Browse our homes, save your favorites, and book a tour.

Step 2: Meet your roommates
We’ll connect you with the current residents prior to move-in.

Step 3: Make it official
Sign your lease, pay your deposit, and lock down your move-in date!

How is the application process?
The application process can be done entirely online. After a viewing session, our community team will send you a link, in which you will be asked to provide your credit score, proof of income, employment documents and rental history.

What if my credit/income/background check doesn’t pass- is there anything I can do?
Hom is open to accept co-signers for applicants with limited credit history or income. The co-signer would fill out a separate application through the same link provided by the community team. The co-signer just has to identify themselves as the guarantor on the first page. Applicants with low credit scores who wish to apply alongside co-signers should just reach out to our community team directly.

What are the costs of moving in?
Move- in costs are your first month’s rent and a security deposit which equates to one month’s rent.

What type of people do you usually rent to?
We look for individuals who are excited to live with others and in building communities. The majority of our members would be young professionals who are similar in age. Most of our residents would be moving to a new city and are looking to meet new friends, to have a sense of belonging and live with people who shares the same interests in their new home.

Is there privacy in the home?
All residents have their own spacious private bedroom within the home. Residents are to share the furnished common areas in a respectful manner.

Will Hom enter the common areas in the home?
Hom will enter the home once approval has been given by the current residents of the home. Once we have notified the residents of an upcoming viewing, and confirmed date/time, Hom schedules a visit.

Is smoking allowed in the home?
Smoking is not allowed. Residents and their guests may not engage in any illegal drug- related activity, including but not limited to medical cannabis on or near the premises. Hom may terminate this agreement if resident and / or guests engage in such activities.

How long am I able to rent for?
Residents can choose between 3-12 months or longer lease terms with Hom. Residents can also freely move to other living spaces that are in different cities without breaking their lease.

How does Hom select residents?
In order to build communities that are safe and comfortable, all Hom’s residents are vetted through an application process and background check. After they have been approved, prospective residents would schedule viewings of available homes. Once they find a home they like, Hom helps them set up a meet and greet so the home’s current residents can find the best fit.

What should I prepare for if one of my roommates is moving out?
When a resident notifies us that they’ll be moving out of their home, we send an email to all of their roommates in regards to the next steps for their home. Hom will help fill the vacant rooms by supplying interested candidates and residents should plan to make time for home viewings and meet-and-greet sessions in the weeks ahead.

Will I need to assist with showing vacant rooms in my home?
Each location has a community team who would schedule viewings for applicants who may be interested in your home’s vacant room. The community team will coordinate timing and host the tour. Showings usually would take about 30 minutes and while you don’t have to be home when it happens, it can actually be a great opportunity to get to know the people who could be your new roommates early on in the process.
You will also be notified about the viewings schedules on the Hom App. (Coming Soon)

How do we choose our roommates?
Community lies at the center of everything we do at Hom — we believe in the idea of a strong foundation that starts with the people you live with. Hence, we make sure that residents always have a say in choosing their potential roommates.

How do we coordinate a meet and greet?
Once an approved applicant decides they’d like to live in your home, you’ll be placed in a chat thread with them inside the Hom app. From there, you can coordinate a time to meet or all get to know one another right in the thread. In the chat, you can tap into your prospective roommate’s profile to see their interests and preferred ways of living. We make it easy to see what you share and what may be different so you can dig in to the most important topics as you get acquainted.

How is the decision actually made?
Once you all feel like you’ve gotten to know each other, you and your roommates vote and provide your feedback. Our team reviews the results and may follow up for more information. From there, we’ll either give your prospective roommate the green light to move in or help you connect with someone new.

If no one in your household provides feedback on a prospective roommate, Hom’s teams will help make the call to find the best fit for your home

Why does Hom only give us 24 hours for meet and greet?
To make sure you’re able to find a great match as fast as possible, Hom sticks to a 24-hour meet and greet window. This way residents and prospective roommates can know ASAP if it’s time to move in or move on.

How can we live with our friends?
If a room is opening in your home, you can refer your friends on Hom in advance. Have your friends apply to be a part of the Hom community and tell our teams that they’re interested in joining your home. Once your friend moves in, you’ll also get cash rewards as an added bonus for your referral.

What does Hom provide as a service?
We’re committed to providing our members in the Hom community with an outstanding living experience. Part of this includes, but is not limited to, the provision of the following furnishings and services for our residents and Hom homes:

Monthly house cleaning, timely response and resolution of maintenance requests, high-speed internet, common area furnishings – varied on a home-by-home basis at the discretion of Hom, all home utilities, items and services that ensure the safety and security of each home and our residents, and any other furnishing or service determined necessary by Hom.

What type of maintenance does Hom cover?
Hom works with maintenance partners to address important issues that arises within the home that are broken or not functioning in their intended form. We strive to attend to requests in a timely manner that appropriately reflects the urgency of the problem. For anything that is a threat to your safety, we aim to be there within 24 hours, and we try to address all major inconveniences within 7 days.

What items are the responsibility of the residents?
Sometimes things just unexpectedly break or go wrong, and when that happens Hom’s got you covered. If you happen to break something, you’ll be responsible for paying for it — but we’re still here to help you get it fixed with top-quality maintenance at the best price.

For day-to-day tasks like taking out the trash, hanging mirrors or watering your houseplants, that’s your time to shine.

Examples of other maintenance requests that fall under resident responsibility include:

  • Provision of additional items for common spaces like extra chairs, tables, blinds or curtains
  • Installation or assembly of personal furnishings
  • Changing out reachable lightbulbs
  • Plumbing issues like clogged drains that arise due to resident use
  • Disposal of trash or large items beyond weekly trash service
  • Testing and troubleshooting blown fuses
  • Bathroom fixtures like shower curtains and disposable bathroom items

How do I set up a direct debit transfer payment account?
When you sign a lease, you are sent an email within minutes that includes the instructions on how to setup a direct debit transfer payment account. You will then create an account and add payments through your online portal.

What are the penalties or consequences for terminating your lease early?
You are required to give Hom 60 days notice prior to terminating your lease. If you terminate your lease before the lease end date, you will still be financially responsible for the rent up until the lease end date even if you move out. However, you are allowed to find a replacement for your leased room. After they are approved by Hom’s rental criteria, they can start a new lease that will terminate your old lease as well as your financial responsibility for the leased space. The person moving in doesn’t need to take over your specific lease dates. If you do not provide adequate written notice to Hom prior to moving out, you will forfeit your entire security deposit.

Who is on the lease?
Capital H Sdn Bhd, is the actual entity that is on the lease. Similar to a corporate lease, Hom would be the single lease holder so there’s no need to balance multiple leases.

How frequently do Hom’s resident’s turnover?
Hom is super focused on building a community as part of the value we are offering our residents. Because of that, retention and consistency is important to us. We would prioritize longer term residents because they are the ones who would add value to our community and on an average of a 12 months stay.

Who’s living at the property?
Hom’s members are a pool of the most qualified renters you could find. We’re bringing together professionals through a variety of different channels who are interested in living in one of our communities. Usually this means city newcomers who work locally, most of which have secured jobs with MNC in Malaysia.  Luckily in the high demand markets that we work within, selecting the most financially qualified and respectful residents is never an issue. Our selection process is very competitive, so that our homeowners, our residents, and our team here is comfortable.

Once our residents have moved in, we’re happy to share a little background on our community.

How do I know my property is being well cared for?
As the entity on the lease, Hom is very particular about making sure our homes are well maintained. At the same time, as part of our selection process, we’re very particular about maintenance and cleanliness. We’ll even schedule regular cleaning services as an added amenity for our residents, but that gives us the chance to provide and upkeep and even get a set of eyes in the home on a regular basis.

Most of our residents have an impressive work schedule and may even be at the office more than they’re home so we see very little wear and tear on the space.