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You'll Have an Incredible Social Circle, Wherever You Live.

It’s the best feeling ever when you can feel at home while creating incredible, real relationships with members of the Hom community.
Live with Friends
Hom connects you with cool, clean, laid-back roommates who like to live the way that you do.
Enjoy a Vibrant Environment
Our homes are in the most lively of zip codes. You'll never feel isolated in your area-there's always something to do.
Diversity Your Social Circle
Reinvent the way you live and create amazing, new connections with unique individuals at our monthly events.
Customised for Community

Great people in great places equals great happenings.

At Hom, we’re all about building an inclusive and caring community, for an environment you’ll always feel like you belong in.

All our communal areas are designed to encourage connection and collaboration, giving you more time and opportunities with the right people in the right spaces. All that’s left is for you to say hello!

Find Your Tribe

There’s never a dull moment with our Hom members, who come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. What’s more, our gamut of exciting events means you’ll get to meet and engage with new friends whenever you want!

Our lineup of events range from restaurant and bar takeovers, yoga sessions and social impact opportunities, to BBQs, movie screenings and games nights. We’re always open to hosting new events to cater for a variety of interests and experiences.

Ready to Find Your Next Home?