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Category: Space Searching

What you need to know when looking into getting a living space.

Racism and Traditional Rental: KL’s Unspoken Challenge

It’s already a monumental process. Moving away from familiarity, adjusting to a new job environment, being independent; renting is a

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What Landlords Won’t Tell You About Your Rental

You’ve learned three things to prepare for in handling a new rental! But did you know, there are still some

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Is Homeownership a Boomer’s Dream?

Homeownership is a milestone for all generations, but such a goal in today’s life may be more limiting than in

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3 Things About Your New Tenancy You Can Get Cheated On

It is no secret. The “Generation rent” phenomenon is all too true in these times of instability. Financial security is

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Traditional Rentals, Move Out! Coliving Completes the City

As the newest housing alternatives to find footing in the rental market, coliving is projected to become a major player

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Move Out of that Traditional Rental, Co-Living Has Got You Covered

Moving to a major city is a complicated process. Opportunities for higher education or better job scopes have been made

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