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Category: Newbies Column

Moving to Kuala Lumpur: What They Won’t Tell You

Let us paint a picture for you. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. A major business and tourist hub

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6 Ways to Make New Friends in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. It’s the center of luxury, of connectivity other states do not have, but

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5 Tips into Coliving with Housemates for First-Timers

You’ve done it! Getting a new job in a new city; uprooting yourself professionally and personally to a whole new

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Distancing with Housemates

In light of adapting and tuning in with the “social distancing” concept, many are still muddled by the term and

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4 Fun Activities You Have To Do With Your Housemates At Home

One of the great things about having housemates is the chance to become great friends with them! While it’s possible

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5 Nifty Ways to Choose The Perfect Housemates

With Malaysia housing prices at an all-time high, shared housing is becoming the most popular way to live in flexible,

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Co-Living: Is living in shared spaces for you?

Are you an aspiring urbanite that’s itching for a change of scenery? Considering co-living (living in shared spaces) as a

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Co-Living: What Should You Look For?

Resident Homie’s Handy Dandy Guide Into Looking for an Ideal Co-Living Space, to Call Yours. Co-living, shared housing or remote

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