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Category: City Specials

5 Reasons Kuala Lumpur is Made for Millennials

As the first mass population of Malaysia to harness more digital-based methods, the newest generation making up today’s workforce –

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Holidays and Homesickness in KL: Dealing with the Dumps

Across Malaysia, the repeated implementations of lockdowns and MCOs have sent many scrambling to get home. Some refrained from this

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Decluttering in Kuala Lumpur: Dump Out Last Year!

Nothing screams ‘new beginnings’ like a clean room! And with the most of our year dedicated to Working-from-Home (WFH) conditions,

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Can Your Mental Health Survive This Newest CMCO?

With the newest Conditional MCO (CMCO) in Malaysia announced, it is understandable that mental health has taken a dip for

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Ultimate Train Travel Guide Around Kuala Lumpur, On A Budget.

Are you a broke university student? A frugal vagabond? Or just someone who needs to feed into escapism on a

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