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Aesthetics of Mental Health: Interior Design Helps!

Aesthetics of Mental Health: Interior Design Helps!

At the time of this article’s publishing, Malaysia (and Kuala Lumpur) has marked nearly 10 months in an on-again, off-again MCO status.

Some of us been in a WFH situation for the most of last year, and you’d think we’d get used to it. Unfortunately, general mental health has been noted to be on the downside, with little long-term stability in sight.

Well, with much of our time now spent at home, work some inspiration with interior design!

Ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain aesthetic?

Psychology has some answers! In this article by GoErie, interior design affects the psychological aspect of the space. Think the Chinese way of Feng Shui, or the Indian practice of Vastu Shastra!

Planning key elements in the space you are going to be spending time in will affect your control over your emotions.

We’re all in need of a happy, healthy space! Pay attention to these interior design details for your mental health boost!

man in dimly lit room looking out to bright sunshine outside garden
Are you getting enough natural light? | Image credit: Yasmina H | Unsplash

1. Sunlight

The number one aesthetic associated with happiness! Getting some natural lighting and warmth into your space is very important, as you are a living creature too. Owning a naturally well-lit room is a big component in property value, so if you happen to rent one, make the best of it.

Sunlight has been linked to productivity boost and lowering anxiety, so soak it up like a plant! Artifical light on the other hand, leans strongly towards poor sleep quality, as natural regulation is absent, something we are physically responsive to.

Tip: If your space isn’t well-lit, use mirrors to reflect the sunlight and highlight your room. Alternatively, move your workspace to a better sunned area if possible.

simple wooden chair and desk in corner of a light blue room, bed side
The minimalist life has its benefits | Image credit: Raphael Schaller | Unsplash

2. Spaciousness

What you surround yourself with can sometimes go from aesthetic choices to full on hoarder nuisance! Luckily, we already got some decluttering tips for you here. Once you have cleared out the things you no longer need, keeping your space well-organized will do wonders for your life.

Apart from adding to an environment of peace and mindfulness, this is a great opportunity to get into Japanese minimalism! With some Marie Kondo-worthy advice, the goal is to retain purposefulness with the things you keep. Anything you haven’t touch in over 3 months should be given away or strategically stored.

woman on black plush chair working black floor black windows
Professional looking, or unwelcoming? | Image credit: Daria Nepriakhina | Unsplash

3. Color

From Disney to interior design, the positive psychology tied to color is indeed powerful. Heritage Design Interiors added a detailed breakdown of how colors play into emotional responses here, as well as how to use them.

Warm colors can be lifting and nurturing, but too much can cause negative intensity. Cool colors provide soothing vibes and freshness, but you want your workspace to be productive, not so comfortable you can fall asleep in it!

Note: In a rental place, walls come pre-painted. Ask your landlord if some wallpaper can be put up, or color-code your things!

corner of room filled with organised plants on shelves and floor
Doesn’t this look like a productive space! | Image credit: Huy Phan | Unsplash

4. Art

Get yourself something nice to look at besides something on a computer screen! Part of completing the perfect aesthetic of a work/personal space is you. Getting your own tastes in your space, be it pop influences or cultural heritage, enforces the emotional connection. Posters of affirmations aren’t as cliché as you think!

As this environment is yours, don’t hesitate to put in a touch of luxury. Get a tiny salt lamp, or some of your favorite content creator’s merchandise. Try an indoor plant, we got some tips here!

Again, living in a rental place, personalized aesthetics can be a little tricky to navigate, as pre-furnished items can be quite standardized. But modern interior design already has picked up on the best aesthetics a working professional such as yourself needs!

At Hom, personal and professional spaces have been carefully curated to meet the urban lifestyles of Kuala Lumpur and beyond. WFH stints do not have to be spent struggling! Book a viewing for our units today. Or, stay tuned for some of our own interior design on Instagram @homstudio.my!

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