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5 Reasons Kuala Lumpur is Made for Millennials

5 Reasons Kuala Lumpur is Made for Millennials

As the first mass population of Malaysia to harness more digital-based methods, the newest generation making up today’s workforce – the millennials – require an environment that caters to our needs.

Kuala Lumpur may be Malaysia’s oldest administration center, but did you know how far this city has come since its development as a mining town?

Here are 5 reasons Millennials love KL!

Kuala Lumpur twin towers petronas world monument tallest tower in world
Image credit: Ismael Bashiri | Unsplash

Numerous Neighbourhoods

Kuala Lumpur is more than just the capital city. You might already be familiar with the glitzy Bukit Bintang shopping district, but the townships surrounding the major city also have plenty to offer all the different lifestyle needs.

Bangsar caters to an upscale, bougie lifestyle, and Mont Kiara matches! Bukit Damansara is strategically located from all the hubs, making it the most time-worthy in proximity. Old Klang Road is for the older, more matured, and low-cost-seeking millennials.

Jump-starting Job Market

As the main congregation of both international and local headquarters and operation centers, Kuala Lumpur is healthy with ever-emerging job opportunities.

Combined with many independent businesses and startups, jump-starting or finding the next step in career progression will be a breeze.

kuala lumpur shop houses old town old city historical remnants
Image credit: Dennis Sylvester Hurd | Flickr

Historical hideaways

Being a metropolis, no doubt rich cultures thrive! Kuala Lumpur offers millennials a chance to balance work and play while putting down some roots.

The numerous art centers, museums, performing arts squares, and historical sites such as the Merdeka Square will provide ample adventures to familiarize with Kuala Lumpur and its fascinating history. Combined with hidden speakeasies and cultural street markets at every corner, millennials come for the work, but stay for the fun!

5 Reasons Kuala Lumpur is Made for Millennials
Image credit: Nalau Nobel | Unsplash

Accessibility Availability

Being the focal point of the entire country, of course accessibility has to be the best in the nation. KL Sentral connects major destinations across the valley with access via Light Rail Transit (LRT), Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and the faithful Keretapi Tanah Melayu Komuter (KTM Komuter). Not only that, no one will feel stranded or out of reach with the numerous e-hailing and taxi services around.

And if you were wondering about the availability of amenities, Kuala Lumpur also has a number of highways, malls, and hospitals in every district.

5 Reasons Kuala Lumpur is Made for Millennials
Image credit: Jon Flobrant | Unsplash

Green Getaways

You’d think most cities developed in the past century would have little care for green spaces, driving many to innovate bringing back plant life to the concrete jungle like the Nanjing Vertical Forest. Kuala Lumpur however, shares its prestigious land with one of the oldest rainforests in the whole world!

For a short break from city life, head on over to Taman Tugu, a mere 8-minute drive from KLCC, or plan a little hiking trip for fitness challenges to these areas across the valley.

With all this, what else can Kuala Lumpur offer you, a budding professional or soon-to-be graduate?

Hom‘s inaugural co-living space in Kuala Lumpur is in its most illustrious area, KLCC’s Sky Suites, with a second location in Novum, Bangsar South! Getting an affordable all-inclusive service with a fully-furnished home is the ultimate package deal for a millennial looking for new life in Kuala Lumpur. No more fretting over traditional rental problems!

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