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Decluttering in Kuala Lumpur: Dump Out Last Year!

Decluttering in Kuala Lumpur: Dump Out Last Year!

Nothing screams ‘new beginnings’ like a clean room! And with the most of our year dedicated to Working-from-Home (WFH) conditions, no doubt our space has been turned upside down. One thing left to do to end this year as well as we can: decluttering!

Also known as doing a KonMari, decluttering encourages minimalism, great mental health as you will have literal room to breathe, and easy access around to simplify future cleaning (of which we already have some tips for you here and here!)

And if you’re moving out, decluttering kickstarts the sorting process of what you need to keep, and what you absolutely do not.

*If you’re renting, do double check with your landlord before you get rid of things. Someone down the line may appreciate reusing and saving a bit of extra expenditure!

How to Declutter?


the sign you've been looking for declutter
No time like the present! | Image credit: Austin Chan | Unsplash

Start small and short. Give yourself a 5-minute timeframe to clear your immediate area. It might be tempting to go in elbows-deep, but you are just going to end up moving things from one corner of the room to another without actually getting rid of anything.

Once you have managed to separate the important things like job contracts, travel and residential documents, and items you use all the time, the challenge is to divide between the things you haven’t used yet, and the things you don’t need to use.

Should you need a thorough checklist to help, here’s one from a KonMari enthusiast!

The things that no longer spark joy. Where do they go?

All across the Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, many communities of zero-wasters, reusers and creatives have come together to make use of things other people no longer want. Here are some groups that will find joy with your clutter!

Buy Nothing Project

An initiative created by friends to explore building a hyper-local gift economy, this movement has since spread worldwide. Here in Kuala Lumpur, this idea of eliminating cash economy and bringing the community together in exchanging and giving things in the spirit of ‘one’s trash is another’s treasure’ caught on quickly.

The Buy Nothing Project (BNP Klang Valley and PJ) is your go-to after a decluttering spree! There will always be someone appreciating the random things you decided to get rid of.

 thrift shop truck declutter
Image credit: Chrissie Kemmer | Unsplash

The Swap Project/ Kloth Cares

Specifically for clothes and fabrics, these collection points are dedicated to making fashion sustainable and completely free. Swap your still-wearable items with new ones at The Swap Project (based in Damansara), or donate at drop-off bins Kloth Cares has set up across Kuala Lumpur!

Zero Waste Malaysia/ iCycle / Community Recycle for Charity (CRC)

Dedicated to the more confusing of reusable and recyclables, these groups can help you navigate what’s definitely throwaways and what can be saved. Zero Waste Malaysia helps in waste management, all the way down to composting scraps, while iCycle handles the bulkier segregation advice. CRC provides collection points for recyclables.

ERTH/ Re-Tech

Electronics, batteries, random remotes, wires, and other e-waste knick-knacks taking up a whole box with you having no idea what to do with it? ERTH in Cyberjaya can arrange pick-ups, and Re-Tech in Subang Jaya offers some food vouchers for every bundle dropped off!

KL Book Exchange/ Playcentre Library Association

This one might be the most difficult, book lovers know what we mean! But there will come a time when your TBR (to-be-read) pile is unmanageable, and some books don’t hit you the same anymore. KL Book Exchange offers you a space to swap out pre-loved books for others from other book-lovers, and the Playcentre Library Association in PJ complies literary donations and makes them available to low-income communities!

 second hand books sale group
Image credit: Donatella D-Anniballe | Unsplash

Decluttering is a much-needed act of getting your things together, not just for yourself, but for those who share your living space. Grab some housemates and get to cleaning!

With Hom, having a community of like-minded people is a dream-come-true for any professional in Kuala Lumpur. Not only are you surrounded by networking opportunities, you might just make lifelong friends! Discover your new Hom today.

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