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10 Ways to Deep Clean Your House with DIY Cleaner

10 Ways to Deep Clean Your House with DIY Cleaner

With the year-end coming, don’t wait till spring to start cleaning! Start the new year afresh, with a deep clean, clutter-free space ready to take on a new aesthetic with the changing of the times.

Perhaps you are also finding yourself in a new space, so going over it yourself might help identify areas that need the most care or are in danger of being the most neglected!

Here are 10 ways to deep clean your space with DIY all-natural ingredients that are both affordable and versatile.

1. Identify your surfaces!

Tile, marble, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric – each of these surfaces will need different kinds of cleaners and different methods to clean. Some might require some elbow grease put in!

Here is a helpful list of what you’ll need for a deep-clean DIY:

10 Ways to Deep Clean Your House with DIY CleanerIMPORTANT: If you still would rather rely on store-bought cleaners, do not combine bleach with anything that has ammonia in it! The mixture will create fumes that are extremely harmful, and has been known to cause death. Read your labels!

clean bright bathroom with natural light white porcelain and copper sink
Image credit: Cameron Smith

2. Pipage.

Do not neglect your pipes! Your drainage needs some care too, not everything can just wash out of sight. To prevent clogs and blockages, ensure that you keep a filter over drainage holes. When it’s time to deep clean:

    • 1/2 cup baking soda & 1/2 cup salt 
    • Down the drain, leave for 30 minutes 
    • Follow with a pot of boiling water 


  • * Let sit longer if a real clog is suspected!


3. The Oven/Microwave.

Call us a neat freak, but there’s no way we’re letting our communal microwave in our coliving unit turn into the mess that is the office microwave! Yes, you know what we’re talking about. But if you come across such horror, here’s how to deal with it.

Stains from sauces bubbling, scorch marks from early spillage, smells from something strong – believe us when we say that can be gone with this simple process.

  1. Wipe it down with the aforementioned grease cleaner, or spray a mixture of water and lemon juice all over.
  2. Microwave on high heat for 2 minutes. 
  3. Simply sponge off the grime after!

4. Screen your screens!

Let’s be honest, some of us forget to clean the things we touch the most. Smart devices, keyboards, the TV remote control – all these have been identified as having the highest potential for bacterial transfer.

Wipe down with the glass cleaner every night and wash your hands frequently!

clean faucet bathroom water just turned off white porcelain
Image credit: Sasikan Ulevik | Unsplash

5. Face the faucets.

Up and around, don’t neglect the places water comes from! Buildup of calcium on faucets such as the sink taps, shower head, and bidets can hamper water flow and pressure.

  • Cover the tap or shower head with a bag full of vinegar.
  • Wait for an hour.
  • Scrub with a toothbrush to remove any foreign residue.

6. Keep track of sliding tracks!

A nuisance, but not to be forgotten, the sliding tracks of windows, sliding doors, and other little border nooks need attention. These places also need to be surveyed for rust, as they are often exposed to harsh elements such as sun heat and water. The all-purpose cleaner is good enough, just keep the cleaning regular.

7. Pretty up the porcelains.

Stains from toothpaste, water and other things can leave unsightly streaks on porcelain surfaces such as the bathroom sink and toilet. The simplest of cleaning can be done with just the rub of a lemon and a rinse down. The more stubborn of buildups may require chemical aid.

carpets overlaying on floor black design beige design brown
Image credit: Trang Nguyen | Unsplash

8. Care for carpets.

(And other items too big to fit in the washing machine: couch cushions, mattress, etc!) This will need some time and effort, as these are large surfaces. Use this mixture: 

  • 1 TBsp of dish soap 
  • 4 cups of warm water
  • 1/4 tsp of vinegar 

Great for a spot cleaner! To clean the whole piece, you might need to schedule some time scrubbing away.

9. Do some disinfecting.

Don’t forget these other everyday items! Sponges, doorknobs, cabinet handles, everything that you touch in and around the house will also need to be a part of the deep clean. Wipe it down with the all-purpose cleaner!

10. The floor.

Save the biggest for last! With all the dusting and moving, everything is going to end up on the floor. Deep cleaning can’t be done without really moving some things, so get a pal, move the furniture, and mop behind your couches, tables, and shelves.

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