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Boxing Bespoke Bundles: Behind Gemma Gifts’ 2-Year Success

Boxing Bespoke Bundles: Behind Gemma Gifts’ 2-Year Success

Hom‘s Kuala Lumpur coliving spaces in KLCC and Bangsar South are now all operational! Fully-furnished, all-in-one payment plans, regular and available maintenance services, living in Malaysia’s capital city will never be easier.

As the main business hub of the country, KL also is home to future and budding professionals in all new industries. Here, we speak to Chin Jia Yee, founder and entrepreneur of Gemma Gifts.

Jia Yee (on far right) founder of Gemma Gifts chatting with two other people
Chin Jia Yee (far right), founder of bespoke gifting service Gemma Gifts

Gemma Gifts is a service dedicated to designing thoughtful and creative gifts to elevate brands and companies. Inspired by seeing a surplus of unwanted and unnecessary gifts lying around, Jia Yee found a passion to combat this problem of a waste of money and resources.

Terming herself a ‘gift consultant’, Jia Yee sought to break free from the traditional job cycle a graduate in Graphic Design & Advertising could only hope for. Her stints in Sales and Marketing as well as being a film producer for TV commercials didn’t help, and she decided to dedicate nine months to bible college in 2018.

It wasn’t until an afternoon with a friend who had ventured into entrepreneurship himself that Jia Yee found her spark.

“…he was encouraging me (and scaring me) that if I don’t put my business idea into action now, I’ll be too old to do anything (because running your own business does take a toll on your mental and physical strength) or simply regret not doing a thing. I drove back home balling my eyes in the car and told God ‘if I die, I die (fail)’ please remove any business idea in me and let me faithfully work for someone else. I gave myself 6 months and registered my company license for only a year.”
– Chin Jia Yee, founder of Gemma Gifts

Gemma Gifts is now two-going-on-three years of operations and has had renowned corporates as clients, bringing in profit since its first year.

AHC Korean Skincare - PR Box for Influencer package
AHC Korean Skincare – PR Box for Influencer

In advising others hoping to kick start their own entrepreneurial adventure, Jia Yee puts forth professionalism and experience.

“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone (sorry!). But the only way to prove it is by doing it. Even if it’s to start by selling small to your inner circle.”
– Jia Yee

She confesses that even with a three-year-strong performance, there will not be a moment where any business owner would feel adequately settled or safe. What she as a business owner can and should ensure is being better than what was done yesterday.

Like everyone hustling to get by or make a name for themselves, finding the balance between work and life is a much-needed focus. For Jia Yee, her wind-downs include keeping in contact with close friends, taking some time in nature, or simply just decompressing on the couch and watching TV. Having a self-run business means having a manageable professionalism on the other side of the coin, and Jia Yee boils it down to balancing integrity, creativity, determination, and relentlessness with a dose of over-thinking and forming amiable relationships with her clients.

TRX Tun Razak Residence - Full Leather Sales & Purchase Kit (legal document folder)
TRX Tun Razak Residence – Full Leather Sales & Purchase Kit (a folder to hold legal documents for home buyers)

Gifting has never looked better with Gemma Gifts!

Keep up to date on Jia Yee’s latest offers via her brand on Instagram or her website. A Limited-Edition Christmas Promo as shown below is also now available for the season!

Christmas Promo - Limited Edition Pop-Up Christmas Card for December 2020
Christmas Promo – Limited Edition Pop-Up Christmas Card

Your professional life in KL can be the same!

Why not draw some focus into your career pursuits and let us at Hom take care of any accommodation worries? With cohousing comforts ready in the best business hubs across Kuala Lumpur, find your balance of work and life. Coliving might be just the thing for you, so find out here!

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