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Introverts, Use these 3 Steps to Reconnect with the Outside!

Introverts, Use these 3 Steps to Reconnect with the Outside!

If there is anything good the pandemic brought about, it’s showing how introverts truly thrive. Hunkered down in a single spot, barely leaving the room unless for meals, not having to be shoulder-to-shoulder with people when we do venture outside?

But as much as we love staying inside, introverts, we too cannot escape from the challenge that is the people we live with! For some, it might be family, for others, it is housemates and co-living members. As charming as a hikikomori lifestyle is, Malaysian culture has yet to understand something like that!

Here is a 3-step plan for introverts to refamiliarize with your surroundings and gear up for the new normal of the outside world!

1. Know your social battery.

exhausted man sleeping in bus introvert life rainy day
How many conversations before we get exhausted? | Image credit: Lily Banse | Unsplash

Having alone time to yourself for such an extended period of time may have reset your social battery levels. Knowing how much small talk you can now bear is a great measure for any kind of meeting outside your comfort zone. Co-workers to relatives, conference calls and your own co-living members? Gauge how many doses of socializing you can handle before anxiety of filling potentially-awkward silences creeps back in!

2. Schedule yourself.

tick tock clock in hands in long corridor with wooden doors
Organisation never hurts! | Image credit:: Tristan Gassert | Unsplash

Now that you’ve gotten an idea on how much social activity you can manage, put a little organization into it! You won’t always be ready to hang, even with the drastically minimal contact. We know how extremely precious recharge time is, and how it needs complete alone time.

Break down necessary interactions of the week into a clear time table, from your work hours to your eating habits. Schedule some time with your co-living housemates or family as well, as they’re not just there to pay bills and eat! Movie time or game night can do wonders for mental health and relationship-building, something we all could use at least once a week now.

3. Communicate!

heart to heart over coffee two people holding hands
Have a little heart-to-heart. | Image credit: Priscilla du Preez | Unsplash

The trump card of all interactions, communication is the key to all good relationships. Voicing out your concerns, or to be on the receiving end can be quite an ordeal, but without it, we’d already gone mad. Communication also helps in solidifying privacy, so that your housemates will know when and what to do during your quiet time.

And if you need a little help explaining what introversion is, here’s an article that can help.

Co-living might seem like an intimidating choice for introverts, but we at Hom are driven to create a mutual-benefit environment for all personalities. Exclusive member events, communal spaces, fully-furnished homes, and bedrooms serving all your privacy needs with all the essentials!

Break out of that shell every once in a while, and live your best life with Hom in Kuala Lumpur’s most strategic areas.

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