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What Landlords Won’t Tell You About Your Rental

What Landlords Won’t Tell You About Your Rental

You’ve learned three things to prepare for in handling a new rental! But did you know, there are still some stones left to be upturned? There are some things even a legal run-through can miss, so note these the next time you meet potential future landlords again!

1. Interest in the rental unit.

Before you came along, what was the rate of interest in the unit you are viewing? Is the landlord hyping it up, or downplaying it a bit much? How did you find the unit listing? Knowing how your future landlord advertises their rental property can tell you how much the proprietor is willing to invest in it.

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The many factors that affect the interest in a property can be as minute as water pressure and plug points. Some may dial up all the way up to accessibility and security. Why did previous potential renters pass? Why did previous tenants move?

2. Subletting conditionals.

Owning a whole unit to yourself can be a costly endeavor. Some landlords already have shared arrangements in place, while some may leave you to find fellow renters by yourself, eliminating handling on their end.

This opens up a new can of worms! You are saddled with the efforts of making the space shareable, and accommodating someone whose stay may be more temporary.

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3. Guest policies.

It may not be that big of a deal to some, but Malaysian social circles can become quite gender-strict. A landlord may insist that the premises are all-male or all-female only; and some roommates might not feel comfortable with the opposite gender around.

Know what your landlord’s comfort level with having guests over, if its for a party, or if they are staying for a few days. You don’t have to go into details, but transparency with the landlord can encourage better relationships and showcase you as a trustworthy tenant.

4. Frequency of maintenance.

A viewing can expose so much a landlord may leave unmentioned. Bring your expectations of a well-maintained home with you to a tour, and hold that condition to the landlord. Had the place been cleaned just before a possible tenant came by? Does the unit show signs of being left alone for a while or does it seem regularly and timely maintained?

Little things – an air conditioning filter, stove, couches, under the bed – all these little corners can tell so much about how often the place is cared for. You will learn the attention to detail the space will require from you.

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5. Would they live in their own unit?

Listening to how your potential landlord speaks about the rental can tell if it’s a repeating script or genuine interest in their property. Kick the conversation up a notch by asking if they would live in one of their own units. Depending on their answer, you can probably figure out the upsides and downsides of the house, the area, general security and its surrounding amenities.

Tip:    Ask if the house has been rekeyed. This is a very important security detail, and will prevent previous tenants or anyone from reentering the property unwarranted.

6. Open to negotiations.

With times being as uncertain as they are, keeping a steady rent flow can be difficult. Instead of skipping straight to eviction threats and vague moratorium promises, the relationship you build with your landlord can come into play.

Is your landlord the type that is open to negotiate a change in rent? Rental arrangements are their source of income, and asking for a discount may not be an agreeable move.

Find dealing with traditional landlords unnecessarily secretive? Perhaps your ideal living conditions lie with co-living options instead! With just a simple application, Hom is ready with a fully-furnished, brand-new space designed with all your best interests at heart. Simply drop a message to us for a viewing at your convenience!

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