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Moving to Kuala Lumpur: What They Won’t Tell You

Moving to Kuala Lumpur: What They Won’t Tell You

Let us paint a picture for you. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. A major business and tourist hub with all the international connections you could want.

Shopping malls at every train station, glitzy hotels, historical and cultural landmarks, and all the infrastructure a truly connected city can have. Why shouldn’t this city be an option for your world-wide experience?

But what most relocation and tourist websites won’t tell you are the long-term imperfections even a city like Kuala Lumpur has. You may have already heard about the flash flooding, the water cuts, and the dense construction encroaching on all commercial areas; and that’s just the physical aspect of it.

Here are some other things and helpful tips to keep in mind for your moving to Kuala Lumpur leap!


Cost and culture

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Image credit: Marque Tan | Unsplash

The lifestyle you envision to have in a capital city is setting the environment you want. Living in Bangsar can be quite a different experience from living in KLCC. Both have amazing job accessibility, signature malls, and fully furnished apartments for rent. Bangsar however, may be seen to some as the posher option compared to KLCC.

Where KLCC is surrounded by glass towers and business outlets, Bangsar offers more breathing room and blue skies. But living in Bangsar can be pricier, as amenities are more specialized to the upper-class community and expats. KLCC has a wider range of pay grades, and is more accessible to the lower-wage earner.

Property talk

skyline of kuala lumpur at night petronas twin towers
Image credit: Nanda FIrdaus | Unsplash

The biggest step after landing that job is finding out where you are going to stay. Some companies might offer corporate housing, but most will leave you to it. Deciding on a place to rent in Kuala Lumpur gives you a range of options!

Are you intending to stay temporarily? Would you be comfortable sharing, or would you prefer to ride solo? Are you interested in a long-term plan, involving family and/or a pet? Determining your intentions will narrow down what kind of accommodation you will need, and how much it will cost. You might need a bigger space to accommodate more for a longer period, or a simple room for rent if you are here to scope. Serviced apartments in Kuala Lumpur would be the current safest bet in leasing and owning, as detailed by this article.

One option to consider if you can’t decide just yet is co-living! Simplifying rental processes into short, sweet applications, skip the long hunts and struggles to find housemates yourself. Flexible leasing and member-based community in addition to fully-furnished apartments solves so much traditional rentals find complicated, and we got the research to prove it.

Psst, co-living is our core! Click here to know more.

Transitioning to Something More

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Image credit: Steven Lewis | Unsplash

Being in the capital city with professional interests, any urban business person would envision a promotion or opportunity to job hop. Upgrading your lifestyle is always a good goal to aim for, and that involves upgrading where you live.

As lifestyles, goals and needs differ by everyone, moving to Kuala Lumpur needs to be flexible. Binding yourself to a traditional year-long lease can prove to be burdensome in such an unstable and unpredictable time. Better opportunities found in job hopping might take you elsewhere. When that happens, living in the same area can become more of an issue. Transportation costs, traffic time, more things will have to be accounted for.

You might find the open social life of Bangsar more suited to your laid-back vibes, compared to the large divide of high luxury and dirt-cheap areas of Kuala Lumpur!

Ultimately, relocating your life to Kuala Lumpur depends on how much you can commit to your choices made in the city. A new job, a push to your personal goals, and any other reason you might choose to uproot yourself is no small feat!

Coliving can help quell your relocation worries, even in a pandemic. Hom is equipped to cater for today’s’ workforce in professional environments, Our units in KLCC, Bangsar South, and soon Mont Kiara are ready to help you live your best life professionally and personally!

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