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6 Ways to Make New Friends in Kuala Lumpur

6 Ways to Make New Friends in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. It’s the center of luxury, of connectivity other states do not have, but yet can be quite difficult to navigate as a newcomer. The ever-changing landscape teeming with big development projects and so many cultures and lifestyles clashing on the streets can get overwhelming at times.

Career-wise, this city is the place to be for professional advancements in the international spotlight. But making friends can be tricky if you don’t know your way around!

Beyond housemates and colleagues, and even the local dating-app pool, here are some ways to make new friends and connections.


1. Extra-curricular events.

Extra-curricular activities are always a great way to make friends!

Try out the ABC Cooking Studio located in the convenient luxury mall that is The Gardens Mall in MidValley. Originating from Japan and currently at its 135th studio worldwide, spend two hours of your day gaining a new skill in a friendly environment. From pastries to traditional Japanese foods, and more, connecting with people over food has never been so fun.

Should you wish to try getting into Kuala Lumpur’s more niche collective, creative writing classes are the way to go! Together with people from all walks of life; enroll in a cozy class. Make friends with local literature personalities and gain a whole new way to express yourself! All classes are independently produced, with Madam Sharon Bakar being a notable presence as both educator and publisher of many local independent works. Contact her to get details on her latest class to join.

2. Creative nightlife.

More than just for drinks, Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife also has a fascinating share of ‘underground’ haunts for the artistic and the creative.

black and white picture of jazz band performing with saxaphonist leaning against piano
In-house live band | Image credit: No Black Tie

Check out No Black Tie (Malaysia’s premier jazz lounge) and The Bee in Publika (where international artists host small events)! Both are great places to find people with similar tastes in live music.

Theater lovers, the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) in Sentul is the to be for the latest and greatest of local stage talent! Did we mention quite a few shows have wine and beer stalls at the entrance for a little more fund-raising?

3. Flea markets.

Adorable little pockets of independent artists, micro businesses, and more are ready to welcome you!

woman rummaging through a rack of pre-loved clothes in an open space
Thrift shopping brings so much cheap fun! | Image credit: The Star

Join a throng of like-minded, eco-friendly mates over some affordable shopping to jazz up your lifestyle and make friends via supporting local talents. Makers & Co is Klang Valley’s platform for little shopkeepers to shine! R!uhinthecity and Tiffin host the latest and best of the Malaysian entrepreneurs by pop-up stores and F&B.

4. Fitness and fun.

A good balance of life involves working up a sweat!

Make friends with some fitness-focused people to keep motivation going, and join trial classes to find your tribe. KOA Fitness is a great place for the ladies, while Monarchy MMA can cater to more hardcore interests, such as martial arts and self-defense.

girls gathering for a photo in gym hall right after a session
Get together with a group | Image credit: KOA Fitness

Should you want more natural surroundings, many areas in Kuala Lumpur are great for hiking. Spread your friendship net by getting your housemates or coworkers to invite their friends and take off!

5. Do something good.

A sure-fire way to make friends and do life-changing good is to volunteer with some of Kuala Lumpur’s charity groups. Non-governmental-organizations such as Pertiwi run soup kitchens to feed the homeless and the poverty-stricken corners of the city. The De Luxe Retirement Home calls for volunteers to come and make some retirees happy by spending the day with them!

people gathering for handouts of food and essentials from a charity
Change your life by changing others even for a night | Image credit: Raja Teh

If you want furry friends instead, the Second Chance Animal Society welcomes volunteers to bring a smile to lost and neglected pups. This shelter is no-kill, meaning animals of all ages get to live out a loving life.

6. Co-live.

With so many new avenues to make friends at, something that will be around for an everyday connection is to co-live! Imagine a shared space where renting is so much more than just a place to rest, and a community of your own preference available.

Not only that, you will get to enjoy some weekly events to meet other co-living members and create new shared spaces to your liking!

As Malaysia’s newest co-living cohort, Hom is here to help you settle into the city with the convenience and compatibility normal renting cannot provide. From finding housemates that vibe with you to special deals for events, Hom is your home away from home!

*Please do note that some of these organizations and activities might be currently unavailable due to pandemic precautions. Be sure to drop a message to the organizers beforehand to confirm the next possible dates!

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