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9 Long-Lasting Pantry Foods For Any Emergency (Even an MCO!)

9 Long-Lasting Pantry Foods For Any Emergency (Even an MCO!)

Are you prepared for the next MCO? To shack up for the next lockdown? Are you truly ready to brave impatient, clueless people once more at the grocery store deciding if they need emergency comfort food or something long-lasting?

Stockpile pantry foods that have practically no expiry date and require only a dark, dry cabinet for storage! Not only will you reduce need to go out for replenishing stocks, these foods are also used in everyday life, and have many health benefits.

Here are some long-lasting foods you will need in your pantry to prepare for anything!


1. Soy sauce.

Historically created to preserve salt in areas too far away from the sea, this soybean-based protein is famed in stir-frying and as a dip. Rich in antioxidants and a known deterrent to cardiovascular diseases, this is one pantry staple every Asian household pantry definitely has.

Shelf life: 2-3 years (store away from direct heat and light)

2. Maple syrup.

A luxury addition to the local pantry as this one is an import, but the many benefits of this item is worth it. A healthy alternative to processed sugars and sweeteners, maple syrup also contains essential minerals that aid bone health, metabolism, and brain and nerve functions. Its caramel sweetness is versatile, ranging from a great addition to drinks, breakfast items, and savory meats.

Shelf life: Indefinite (stored in fridge)

3. Dried fruits and nuts.

Mixed with cereal, salads, into baked goods or eaten on its own, these long-lasting nuggets are instant protein sources. Consumption of nuts have been linked to cholesterol-lowering properties, reducing hypertension, and help with weight control. Dried fruits are great for fiber, contributing to positive gastrointestinal movement.

Shelf life: 1-2 years

4. Pasta/plain noodles.

Need we say more? This staple of every household all over the world, second to rice, is the ultimate versatile food. Toss it with literally anything and a side of greens, and a basic, well-rounded meal is right here to enjoy!

Shelf life: 1-2 years (after ‘best-by’ date, store in airtight container)

5. Powdered milk.

Evaporated into solids, condensed and processed into a powder form, this item retains all the nutrients found in raw milk, and more. Powdered milk is often fortified with additional essential minerals and vitamins, and is on the whole a cheaper buy compared to box milk. One kilogram of powdered milk can make seven liters of liquid milk!

Shelf life: 1 – 1 ½ years

square shelves filled with jarred goods and preserves for sale
Stock up your shelves! Image credit: Artem Kostelnyu | Unsplash

6. Canned fruit and veg.

Convenient and affordable, canned fruits and vegetables are derived from fresh produce packed directly after a harvest, retaining the same nutrition for longer periods. Be careful buying fruits packed in syrup! The sugar value will override the fruit’s own nutritional value. Avoid cans with dents or bulges as that usually is a sign of bacterial build-up.

Shelf life: 1 – 2 years after ‘best by’ date

7. Bouillon cubes.

Also known as stock cubes, this tiny inexpensive item is a joy to add to sauces, batter, and stews for an intense flavorful punch. A little goes a long way, and this item is famed for being the biggest success in dehydrated food technology. While nothing beats a real stock pot of meats and herbs simmering, bouillon cubes are for ultimate long-lasting convenience.

Shelf life: 2 years in dry and well-sealed environment

8. Dark chocolate.

A long-lasting item to have since war times, when food was severely scarce, dark chocolate isn’t just a snack item. High in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, consuming chocolate with more cocoa content has actually been linked to reducing pain and boosting moods. Tip: biting down on a full bar may be too much bitterness; get some in chip form to sprinkle over ice cream and cereal!

Shelf life: 2 – 5 years

9. Ghee

An integral part of Indian cuisine, ghee is still an underrated product in the modern market. A source of good fat and purer than butter (as milk and water contents are absent), small amounts of ghee heals and improves digestion and nervous systems.

Shelf life: Indefinite (kept in fridge), 2 years in cool, dark area.

With all these long-lasting items providing good nutrition in all areas, skip on sodium and sugar-heavy instant foods! Fresh produce is always encouraged, but logistical issues might happen again, and supermarkets will run out of stock.

Living in a capital city, one might not expect to live dealing with problems such as water cuts, limited movement, and other nuisances. With the right environment however, these unexpected issues and stress of the general grind of life can be alleviated. Find yours today with Hom!

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