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Minding Mental Health After Moving House

Minding Mental Health After Moving House

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving house for the first or fifteenth time. Uprooting yourself, compartmentalizing everything you own into boxes, and saying goodbye to your old surroundings is always a big strain on mental health.

Here are some tips to get you out of the moving house haze and care for your mental well-being!

Identifying the stressors

1. Cultural Adjustment.

– New place = new characters. And if you’ve moved to a different country, adapting to its culture may not go as smoothly as anticipated, resulting in ‘culture shock’. Combined with language barriers, fitting in can be difficult.

2. Logistical and Legal hurdles.

– Unless your life could be packed into at most five cardboard boxes, getting your things from Point A to Point B can be stressful. Cross-border moving will also bring you visa worries, especially in this time when international travel is quite a headache to maneuver.

3. Homesickness.

– Like cultural adjustment, homesickness will occur due to wanting familiar surroundings and lifestyles. It might be as jarring as the weather being more humid, or even as simple as finding the coffee tastes differently. Missing family and friends will be a big part of this.

4. Financial Familiarisation.

– You’re an adult now! Settling bills, taxes, and savings are all on you. Doing it in another country’s currency with its own set of laws can get confusing.

man standing in front of large window greyscale room is dark but window is bright
You might feel like you’re stuck in a dark room | Image credit: Sasha Freemind | Unsplash

Recognising the manifestations

If you identify with many of these symptoms, a mental health check-up needs to be the top of your list before you hit burn-out!

a. Restlessness.

– There is always just one more thing to do! You may be exhausted, but something is still bugging you out, and your focus is all over the place.

b. Weight Fluctuation.

– A common but major effect of high stress levels is your appetite. Some may find binge-eating on snacks a comforting thing, while others may not experience hunger at all to the point of skipping meals.

c. Insomnia / Hypersomnia.

– Your circadian rhythm is out of whack, leading to fluctuating energy levels. Stress can keep you up all night, or make you so worn out you’ll doze off at any time of the day. In either cases, a state of constant fatigue haunts you.

d. Detachment and Isolation.

– Tiredness can cause you to feel detached from your surroundings, as you will not have the energy to be social. Prolonging of this can lead to isolation, as fitting into your surroundings will feel difficult.

man with hand in hair watching train speed past
Can you keep up with life? | Image credit:: Fabrizio Verrecchi | Unsplash

What can we do to overcome?

As you adjust to your new environment, here are some tips to deal with the effects moving house has on your mental health.

1. Establishing a routine.

– Before the daily grind gets to sap the life out of you, establishing a routine means you get to set some boundaries. You are in control of your new environment, and your time spent working and socializing is yours to spend.

2. Staying in touch.

– To deal with the passing isolation and homesickness, check in with friends and family every so often. Maintaining connection with your favorite people can do wonders for your mental health, and can even be as simple as meme-sharing!

3. Explore.

– Don’t be afraid to venture out and about your new habitat. From roommates, food spots, and activities, learning more about the environment you will be spending time in can aid you in grounding.

4. Accept.

– You’ve moved out of your old place for a reason. Maybe you outgrew your surroundings, or maybe to escape less-than-favourable circumstances. Now you have an opportunity to make a fresh start, to entertain new perspectives, and to pursue better living conditions.

two children boys looking at metropolis city beyond a field
Only way to go is forward | Image credit: Fas Khan | Unsplash

There are so many things involved in moving house, but your mental health does not have to be sacrificed for your stability! At Hom, we are ready to help you find a house and community that suits you the best, and secure your peace of mind. Find out more here.

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