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What to do When a Water Cut Happens

What to do When a Water Cut Happens

Over the past weekend stretch, the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor region faced unprecedented widespread water cut due to pollution issues. Many voiced out dissatisfaction over late notices and lack of preventive measures.

While the expectation is for this to not happen again (especially in a capital city), it’s never a bad thing to keep some precautions handy.

Here are some tips for the next unplanned dry spell!

1. Know what’s going on

Is the water cut due to an infrastructural problem? Or is it a wider issue? Has it affected other areas, local and regional? Check the Syabas website for affected areas and scheduled cuts. Social media and news sites also come in handy for getting near-immediate and accurate updates on when a water tanker is coming your way.

2. Your pre-stocking management

This might be a little tricky to get down, but determining the minimal amount of water usage your household can go on goes a long way. Get to a routine of essential tasks to understand how much water you use outside the desperations during a water cut and optimise from there.

Invest in a large water container for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, but be mindful of avoiding unintentional mosquito breeding! Water can be stored for up to six months before going stale, so keep some 5-litre bottles of filtered water for drinking and cooking.

water cut supplies plastic drinking water bottles
Image credit: Jonathan Chng | Unsplash

Tip: Reusing water can prolong your stocks. Water that can be collected from washing in the kitchen can be reused to flush the toilet, and unsalted pasta water is great for watering plants.

3. The amenities around you

Owning a kettle is your golden ticket. In a pinch where drinking water is not available, boiling regular tap water should work sufficiently. Identify some commercial habits within reach such as the office or gym that may have their water supplies still operating.

lone kettle on a kitchen range illuminated by dim yellow kitchen light
Image credit: Kahfiara Krisna | Unsplash

As we are currently in a time when cleanliness helps in preventing an ongoing pandemic, sanitizers are widely available to alternate water and soap. Do remember however that it is not a complete substitute, and thorough bathing should not be delayed for more than two days.

Water cuts are a hassle down to the smallest level, and sourcing bottles during an interruption can lead to more stress than necessary. Put these tips to good use, and the next one might not be as bad as your last!

An extra set of hands and eyes can always help you figure out any other angles and approaches you might have overlooked, so do not hesitate to come up with a plan with your housemates. Check out our other Hom co-living tips here help you find some you can gel with.

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