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The Ultimate Guide to Social Distancing with Housemates

The Ultimate Guide to Social Distancing with Housemates

In light of adapting and tuning in with the “social distancing” concept, many are still muddled by the term and struggling to integrate the concept into their daily lives to maintain a healthy work and social life balance. Unlike living alone, social distancing has an added level of difficulty for urbanites living with housemates. The confined living quarters mixed with shared spaces may pose as a challenge.

Hom is a relatively new player in the co-living movement. However, we are committed and driven by the need to ensure a fun, comfortable and hassle free experience. We help people find their ideal housemates in cities, while feeling at home in a community of like-minded urbanites. Keep reading to find out how you can have the ultimate housemate experience while practising social distancing.

Setting “social distancing” house rules

Transparent communication is key, these uncertain times call for cooperation and understanding. Things such as personal hygiene, boundaries, household cleanliness and health/ safety conduct in the house should be discussed. Although professionals and social distancing etiquette permits and/or restricts certain things, your housemates might not process the severity of it the way you do. It’s important to discuss what you are comfortable with to avoid unnecessary conflict or discomfort.

Find something to bond over

Find ways to bring outside fun into your home. One can easily hibernate under the covers, binging on every series known to mankind and eating your way through the delivery options but this is the perfect time to get bonding. Use this as an excuse to intentionally spend quality time with fun activities at home for housemates. This could actually save your wallet if practised consciously. Here’s a list of things you could do from the top of our heads; housemate cook-outs where you could try new recipes and dine together every night or have weekly game nights to promote togetherness and de-stress after a long week of work.

Make time and space for YOU

Adjusting and adapting to the “new normal” can be frustrating, more so when you have to juggle multiple things to keep your own routine in check while accommodating to new rules and restrictions. These are trying times and it’s important to create time and space for yourself. Hence, consider creating a schedule to balance work and play as well as a designated knock in the shared space for yourself. This will help you physically and mentally detach from any external influences and/or distractions to help you be more productive while being respectful of your housemates.

Besides that, it’s important to implement guidelines or SOP’s you could say, with your housemates. These guidelines can help you manoeuvre around the house and conduct work meetings or have important things done without stepping on each other’s toes. For example, designating a specific room or area for important video calls or as work stations, creating a “quiet time and/or do not disturb” indicator so that housemates are aware. Last but not least, ensuring a clean and tidy space will help you and everyone around think better, and live more comfortably on a day to day basis.

Get some Sun

If it’s safe to step out of the house and you fall under the category of people that aren’t at high health risk to the COVID-19, consider taking time to bask in some peace and quiet. At a time like this, one’s mental, emotional and physical health should be made a priority more than ever. Moments alone outside your house can help you detach from the stresses and incubated worries while cooped up in a small space. Even if you’re perfectly fine hibernating under the covers, take a few minutes out of your day to stretch your legs, breathe in some fresh air, let the wind and sun trace your skin and the hustle and bustle of the outdoors distract you. If you aren’t ready to expose yourself to the world yet, walk within your living estate, chill out by the balcony, roof, or through an open window, the point is to rest your mind.

Be a little kinder and make moments a little sweeter

Whatever your love language may be, showing the surrounding people a little extra love and compassion can change up the overall energy and aura in the house. Small gestures can go a long way, so pick up some pastries, make everyone a cup of coffee or get a bottle of bubbly to share with the rest of the tribe. Doing something out of the ordinary mundane schedule will benefit everyone, don’t forget to support small businesses whilst you’re at it.

For more information on how Hom has adapted to social distancing and the restrictions implemented by the government visit our website. The health and safety of our members and community leaders are a priority. At Hom, we take care of you.

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