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How Freelancers Can Benefit from Co-living, After A Pandemic

How Freelancers Can Benefit from Co-living, After A Pandemic

Co-living alters the conventional aesthetic and perception of what we think a home should be. It encourages the concept of nomadic living where a home is used to build bridges instead of growing one’s roots. It’s about providing individuals an independent way of life without having to completely be alone. Besides providing an economical roof over your head, the co-living concept is derived from the growing remote work and travel culture. Individuals are able to balance and/or retain their personal space while immersing themselves into a community support group anywhere around the globe.

Freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, digital nomads or even remote working professionals can leverage off the networking benefits of co-living. The community first movement is an incubator for individuals to connect, learn and gain skills beyond their own reach in a work and play environment. This creates more opportunities for creativity and inspiration to flow for freelancers and individuals aspiring to make the same impact.


The Money Factor

co-living helps save on hard earned money as it is cheaper than traditional rental

Co-living does not replace traditional housemate arrangements however it does alter what we all know and come to understand of the rental paradigm. Today, freelancers and remote workers require fast, flexible and mobile spaces hence the demand for fully furnished, maintained, internet-ready accommodations has increased drastically. With this being said, co-living spaces like Hom provide freelancers living and working essentials, at an affordable price. The co-living concept is made to provide individuals with variable income or remote work schedules an alternative to housing ownership. Think about it this way, you get utilities, maintenance, a whole unit built for you to work and be your most productive, ample amount of free events to get your weekly entertainment fix checked, all for one fixed price. This allows members to save a lot more money on the typical expenses and removes the hassle out of paying for each separately.


Globe Trotting Oyster

short rental agreements enable for more frequent travel across the globe

Co-living gives freelancers the freedom to travel across the globe while working remotely anywhere at any time. Unlike traditional home ownership or rental agreements, individuals aren’t tied down by long term contracts or fixed arrangements. Freelancers have full control and power over where, how and who they choose to split their time, money and energy towards.


Support Group Network

give and receive support from each other as part of a community

If you’re booking a spot at a co-living residence, the built-in community will automatically be part of your experience. This is especially beneficial for freelancers as it firstly, provides you with a sense of belonging in a foreign space. Secondly, gives you an array of networking opportunities may it be for personal gain or business prospects. Living in the same place forces you to connect with others, share your stories and spend time together. Regardless whether your stay is short or long term, the people you’re surrounded with within your household or the extended community in general will become your support system. The community factor is what provides individuals with the physical, mental and emotional support that they may lack while constantly jumping ship. Spaces like Hom allow freelancers to establish a temporary base and community that fits their needs, without all the extra strings.


Remote Working

working from home as a freelancer. the flexibility in working time

Co-living spaces are a natural extension of co-working. A majority of co-living spaces are intentionally designed for digitally savvy individuals. With working professionals as the target market, co-living is pretty much an ideal space to be the most productive and efficient. Strong and stable Wi-Fi, designated work areas, ample amount of lighting and work and relaxation zones within the household and a private area for each tenant. We at Hom, believe in taking care of our members. Freelancers or remote working junkies who choose the co-living lifestyle give up some of the most traditional “must-haves” to enjoy greater freedom and happiness as a result. With us, the rest is taken care of, simply bring the necessities! It’s remote, shared living made easy.

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