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5 Nifty Ways to Choose The Perfect Housemates

5 Nifty Ways to Choose The Perfect Housemates

With Malaysia housing prices at an all-time high, shared housing is becoming the most popular way to live in flexible, affordable housing that’s centrally located in cities. If you’re in the deliberation phase of choosing a co-living space first ask yourself, is shared living really for you? If the answer is yes and you’ve convinced yourself it is, the next thing you ought to look into is; the housemates. Choosing the right housemates will either make or break your experience. So keep in mind that this, besides choosing the perfect location, is a crucial element to your co-living journey. Here are a few nifty ways to choose the perfect housemates.

Don’t Look For Another ‘YOU’

You can find someone that is similar and easy to get along with you. But, being brutally honest, would you want to stay with another you? You can look for someone who has the same values as you. Perhaps a housemate who has a similar level of concern about things being left in place, being clean and tidy, and respecting each other’s privacy and space.

Arrange A Meet Up

Arrange a meet up with your potential housemates to talk to them face to face. It does make a difference to meet up than to do on the phone or in an email. Do prepare a list of questions, you might need to know their household habits and expectations, and expected length of stay. And don’t forget that you aren’t the only one doing the evaluating. Be respectful, casual and honest throughout your interactions. It’s not about judging, it’s about getting to know someone BEFORE you have to share a space with them. There is no perfect match, but it’s important to know if you will be able to click well with them.

Get to know the personal habits of your housemates

Everybody has different standards of cleaning – what’s messy to you might be acceptable to someone else. Be honest with yourself about how tidy you are and try to choose a housemate with similar standards of cleanliness. It won’t be fun if you’re a neat freak and choose a housemate who leaves their dirty dishes hanging around for days. Is that something you can put up with or is it something you can’t tolerate at all? Other things to find out about are their preferences about coming in late, holding parties, having friends or family over to stay, dietary needs, and any religious considerations. It’s important to know if they have habits that you just can’t live with.

Clear out expectations

Before you start choosing a housemate, you should decide what you want from your shared living arrangement. You need to make sure you can live with someone without having many conflicts. However, do find out what they expect from you too. Make sure to set aside time for your potential room-mate to ask his or her own questions too. Ask yourself if you can conform to their expectations if they have any. It is important to be honest to them to minimize any disagreement in the future. You do not want a small lie to create a lot of friction. If there is honesty and clarity from each other, then you are more likely to attract like-minded housemates.

Don’t Ignore The ‘Red Flags’

Never ignore a gut feeling. Your heart and gut are still your best guide, it usually tells you what to do long before your head has figured it out. You need to listen to those little voices that tell you one way or another. If the person makes you feel uneasy or you think they might not be speaking the truth, then you might need to pass it. It’s better to trust your instincts than move in with someone you’re unsure about.

If you still aren’t a hundred percent confident it is always best to consult with your landlord, co-living community leader or agent. At Hom, we dedicate ourselves to creating comfortable, enjoyable and community oriented Co-living spaces for today’s digital nomads. Our services include hooking you up with the housemates for meet-ups, encouraging the use of a housemate agreement and many more. The power of people is what drives a positive and encouraging environment.

There is no perfect housemate, but getting to know the person before moving in can help you choose like-minded housemates that you’ll love to live with.

Co-living is an awesome experience, find out more at Hom.

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