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4 Fun Activities You Have To Do With Your Housemates At Home

4 Fun Activities You Have To Do With Your Housemates At Home

One of the great things about having housemates is the chance to become great friends with them! While it’s possible to have challenges or conflicts when living with another person, it’s important to do your best to get along and have fun together. Having a good friendship will make the living experiences so much better! Here are some fun activities you and your housemates can do together at home whether you have known each other forever or are trying to break the ice!


watch a movie with your housemates with some pizza or other food

Movie Time!

Order some pizza or food and pick a movie to watch that you all will enjoy. It can be from Netflix or any movie. It will be a time full of laughter, tears and chit-chats! Watching a film at home has no queues, just tap on your remote and you’re set. Movie night is a perfect low budget way to have fun and get closer to your housemates. You have the time and comfort to talk, or you could suggest watching another film, or play a board game, or have dessert together!


cook together and share recipes with your housemates and reduce the workload

What’s Cooking?

Cooking is stress-relief. It’s a form of recreation. Spend a night in with your roomie and cook something together. You get to spend time together working on something as a team. Cooking together may seem a hectic task but if there are few people to cook the meal together it can be fun. You can make an adventure out of it by finding a recipe online, buying the ingredients and creating it together.


keep each other in shape by working out and exercising together

Sweat Sessh!

Make working out sessions more fun and motivating by bringing your housemates to your workout party. There are many workout videos you can find online. Such as a group workout video. Schedule a workout session with housemates can be a great way to de-stress together after a long day of work. Crazy parties are great, but staying fit and getting healthier together will give you a great time to bond and of course the satisfaction after a workout. Having company by your side means you will also workout way harder than before!


play some games such as board games to bond with your houemates

Game Time!

Playing games are not only great to get closer to your housemates, but you will also get to know their personalities. There’s always a game that everyone can get involved in such as Monopoly, Uno and Pictionary to Charades, Categories and Exploding Kittens. It will definitely break the ice, get everyone talking, laughing, and get to know each. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to increase positive communication and work together through problems.


Looking for more activities outside your house?

If you want to look something other than activities at home, you can check out Hom’s website. Hom has an array of hand-picked and pre-organized events, there’ll be something for everyone. Chillout, party, exercise, learn or tantalize your taste buds at events to expand your network, and find your tribe.

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