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Styling Indoor Plants; 4 Super Easy Tricks for Lazy Plant Owners

Styling Indoor Plants; 4 Super Easy Tricks for Lazy Plant Owners

Got the ideal living space? Choose the perfect housemates? But need a little tweak to your interior design? Well, if you’ve considered creating your very own urban garden or have the urge to join in on the houseplant revolution. Have no fear Resident Homie is here. Various studies have shown that inviting nature inside can be good for the mind, body and soul. Even if you don’t have time to soak in nature, in the great outdoors, one can easily recreate that feeling right in your home with help of indoor plants, however big or small they may be.

A lot of the time, space and maintenance may drive people away from getting into the role of a “plant owner”. Limitation in space, especially in co- or shared living spaces where interior design is set to one-style-fits-all, can pose an issue. However, there are ways to combat that. Take Hom for example, interior design professionals create standardized templates for each unit making it close to identical from one another, this giving tenants the freedom to bring in personalized items and touches to their comfort. The perfect reason to get some greens into the space don’t you think?

Reasons to add greenery into your casa

  • It’s all about creating a vibe. Not only do Indoor plants enhance your home aesthetic, it also adds an earthy, natural liveliness to the space, in terms of colour, texture and scent. If your existing decor is a little drab, make use of natures finest for a unique pop.
  • It’s good for the lungs. Adding a little wildlife into your space can help purify the air. Plants increase oxygen levels which ultimately helps remove toxins in the air from furnishings, finishes and household cleaners.
  • It’s cute and it makes you happy! The colour green helps provide a calm, tranquil environment. If you feel like small spaces make you feel trapped between concrete walls, greenery can help create the illusion of airiness.

Jazz up your work desk with a cute terrarium

Styling Indoor Plants; 4 Super Easy Tricks for Lazy Plant Owners

If you’re not the artsy-fartsy type worried about maintenance this is probably how you can get a little green into your space without effort. Terrariums are pretty, they have the green element you’re looking for and can feature as a unique furnishing piece to your space. Whether you live alone or in shared housing, adding personalized touches like this can also pose as a conversation starter. Purchasing one can be pricey so penny pinchers can get themselves a holder of sorts, some grains, odd shaped rocks, different species of succulents and voilà.

Make your houseplant the highlight of your minimalist space


If you’re into creating a more sustainable lifestyle and you’ve checked off a lot of cost-efficient boxes already, consider upcycling your unused goods as planters. This does not only help reduce your waste but it also gives your space a little edge. Limited in space? Up is the way to go, use clothing racks and/or hangers to lift your little plant accents so that it’s out of table and floor space. This trick allows you to incorporate more foliage without needing any construction.

Create a mini herb garden

Herbs plants

It’s pretty and functional. Whether you live alone or in a shared housing home-grown goods will be a hit. One way to do this, is to make your herbs more of a feature in your kitchen and/or room instead of a separate entity. Take advantage of the aroma that oozes out of fresh basil and thyme, the pretty purple accents of lavender sprigs. Even if you aren’t Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, herbs are an interesting, multifunctional, way to add green in any space. Yes, even the bedroom.

Creating Space with Green

Decorating bedroom with greens

The colour green is pretty versatile. Whether it may be against a monochromatic background or an elaborate multi coloured mural, it’s going to fit. A good place weirdly enough to add an indoor plant would be the bathroom. It not only livens up the room but helps plants thrive under the moist environment created by water vapour. Pro tip: Avoid placing green at the centre of the room. By spreading the plants, may it be the farthest corner or highest shelf, you draw the eye in different directions. Use little green accents to create the illusion of a larger space.

Indoor Plants 101

Indoor plants

Indoor plants that require little to absolutely no sunlight.

Pathos (Money Plant)

This creeper can be placed in mason jars, to unused pudding cups in your bathroom as it thrives indoors year-round without complaint. One could say this one’s more of a free spirit.

Snake Plant

She’s a low maintenance and straightforward indoor plant ideal for lazy owners. It’s so independent you can neglect it for weeks at a time without it wilting. Expect stripy leaves, chic architectural shapes and a fresh look 24/7.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants that require direct sunlight or bright light

Succulents & Cacti

These guys are the epitome of all-rounders, they are miniature, pretty much indestructible and can pretty much survive with just the Sun’s company.

Aloe Vera

Although she looks like a chaotic sharp leaved diva, the Aloe Vera is super beneficial and versatile. Besides being a non-temperamental grower, the flesh of the Aloe Vera can be used to cool down itches & burns, be consumed and used as an all natural face and body treatment.

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