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Must Have: Mobile Apps to Navigate Around the City

Must Have: Mobile Apps to Navigate Around the City

Although It is fun to get off the grid and explore through adventure tours and hands-on visits to the top local attractions. Sometimes, exploration can turn into just being lost, and no one wants to be lost in a strange place. Technology has a lot to offer the modern traveller to Kuala Lumpur. If you’re equipped with a smartphone, it can be easier to navigate yourself in Kuala Lumpur, and make the most of your stay in the city. We gathered together a guide of some of our favourite mobile applications so you can have the best travel experience possible!

1. Grab

Grab logo

Malaysia does not have Uber but there is Grab. If you’re used to the ride-sharing app Uber, who made their exit in Southeast Asia recently, fear not! Grab has fixed fares, professional drivers, and various kinds of private vehicles (motorcycles, 6-seaters, etc). Much like all other ride-hailing services, Grab has multiple tiers you can choose from. From an economical car to a premium, 6-seater vehicle, they should be able to accommodate your entire party with ease. With Grab, you are allowed to make multiple pit stops and ride with your friends to share your Grab ride for a lower cost. You’ll have no trouble getting a car any time of the day because you can book cars ahead of time. You can opt to pay with cash or upload your credit card details to the app for cashless payment. GRAB is an all-in-one app to survive the city. It also provides food delivery, groceries, logistic services.

Download: Apple | Android

2. GoCar

GoCar logo with a locally produced car

Traditional car rental services can be pricey, if you are If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional car rental services, consider GoCar. It is a car-sharing platform. You can book, unlock, and access a car using your smartphone, then pick up your ride across multiple locations in Malaysia. It has also made it very affordable for you to rent cars for as low as RM5.9 per hour. You just need to be 21 with a full valid driver’s license, and pay a one-time membership fee of RM50 to start making your first reservation!

Download: Android | Apple

3. Maps.me

Maps.me logo with an illustration of city view and cars
Source: MAPS.ME

Maps.me is perfect for foreign travellers who might not have data or roaming access. It allows users to download an offline map which enables offline navigation. It also provides routes which allow users to explore local hidden gems. This saves time and eases local travelling as one app does all the itinerary suggestions for you. Make sure to download the offline app if you are travelling to Malaysia and plan to travel around without purchasing any Internet connection services. It is also suggested to bring a portable charging device as this app is quite a bit of a battery drainer.

Download: Apple | Android

4. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subway (Android) / Kuala Lumpur Metro (iOS)

The Metro lines of Kuala Lumpur Subway, highlighted in different colours for different routes

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subway, Kuala Lumpur Metro apps are useful if you are planning to travel around in Kuala Lumpur via our integrated railway system. The Klang Valley integrated railway system makes travelling around Klang Valley easy as you only need to buy one boarding token for the entire trip. In KL, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), monorail, and commuter rail would be the best bet in getting around. Users can view the railway route, estimated duration of travel and most importantly the travelling fares from one station to another. You can also check out here, to find out how to ride the train on budget.

Download: Android | Apple

5. Google Maps

Google maps logo
Source: Google Maps Malaysia

Google Maps is a must-use tool when travelling. It comes with so many features that can make your trip easier and reduces the likelihood of getting lost or having any other similar problems. Also, it allows users to add stops to the trip, navigate through buildings, to download an offline map which enables offline navigation. This app is fairly useful if you’re travelling by car or when your destination is walking distance.

Download: Android | Apple

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