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Co-Living: Is living in shared spaces for you?

Co-Living: Is living in shared spaces for you?

Are you an aspiring urbanite that’s itching for a change of scenery? Considering co-living (living in shared spaces) as a cost-efficient way to spread your wings, but torn between being a hermit crab or a social butterfly?

Here’s another Resident Homies guide to help clear the confusion and get you cracking. When it comes to a home, traditional conventions say “Home is where the heart is”. But, it’s an era where we wear our hearts on our sleeve so sharing a home with strangers doesn’t seem as far-fetched. Some people have the knack for sharing living quarters while others are, well, better off living alone. We’re here to figure out, just that.

Shared spaces are for you if….

Sharing personal space

If you aren’t bothered about having your homes’ aesthetic in a particular way, or think customizing your home isn’t a priority then co-living is for you. Most often if not always, the interior design is left to the professionals. That’s one of the major perks of these spaces. It caters to the ready-to-move-in “pick and go” type of people who don’t want to lug around furniture and their entire life’s worth of mementos. Remember though, these are shared spaces with standard design throughout so it’s a case of one style fits all.

Besides that, you’re going to have to be A-Okay jumping into the bandwagon with a group of complete strangers. Don’t blow off your “Danger Alert” sirens yet, let me explain. Although the idea of living with strangers may seem daunting, co-living spaces promote themselves as a community-oriented movement that’s taking on the new wave of housing and tenure. So, think of it as living with like-minded individuals you could work and play with. If you’re comfortable sharing your favourite spot by the counter, letting others sit on your side of the couch or just people merely being around you all day, you’ll be just fine.

Sharing thoughts and interests

If you grew up loving or wanting the hustle and bustle of a full house, well you’re in luck, because it’s all about face-to-face interactions and creating a community. This cannot be emphasised anymore. If you’re considering living in a shared living quarters, you have to really embrace the idea of sharing, may it be ideas, interests, passions, a favourite chair etc. It’s essentially a networking hotpot. Although you may have a life outside your living quarters, the community value gained in co-living spaces is what makes it a hot deal among millennials. Think of it as going home to a community where diversity is welcomed, and acceptance is received without hesitation regardless of age, heritage, social hierarchy and sexual orientation.

Lazy caretaker, dreamy adventurer?

If you like being taken care of but don’t feel the same way about your housing upkeep, co-living is the way to go. Your lease, maintenance, utilities and community engagements are all handled for you with a click of a button on an app. These of which are also what you should look for in a co-living space. It’s cost-effective and provides a sense of assurance that you are taken care of, and bills are a one-off monthly payment. This is a comforting thought for individuals who are bringing in various sums of money each month but don’t want to be hit with an unexpected bill.

Shared spaces are NOT for you if…

You’re a lone ranger and proud

If you’re someone that needs your alone time, in a quiet space, with no one around, just about all the time. Then no, shared spaces and co-living is not for you. Apartments, hotels or Airbnb in fact would be more suited for you as you’ll have more control over your space and environment.

You prefer stability and ownership

If you’re someone who has dreamt of housing ownership and a little more stability co-living is not for you. Save up that dough and get yourself your ideal house.

Still curious about co-living? Ready to try something new? Schedule a tour we might just have a Hom for you.

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